The Binakarsa’s Family Gathering at Puteri Gunung Hotel, Lembang – West Java

Company family gathering itself is conducted with the involvement of all parties in our company however it is specially arranged by the special team. This family gathering is focused on the development of cohesiveness and unity between employees. As an expression of gratitude of the company, we distribute hundreds of door prizes. Moreover, our Family Gathering this time is very fun.

The point is to strengthen our relationship and to avoid friction. We know that not all people are equal in our office and sometimes it becomes a distance for us. Therefore in this family gathering, all people are just the same, no CEO, no head department, no manager, no employees, they may talk casually to each other just like the real family who goes for family recreation. The most important of our family gathering is we will appreciate the young generation and we will begin it from our own family.

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