Binakarsa goes to Bali for Family Gathering

A lot of things can transform our corporation from good to great. One of them is by returning our employee service by having a large Corporate Family Gathering program regularly. Having family gathering probably one of the easiest social activities. In Binakarsa it is a tradition for the family gathered together in one place, when a holiday season coming. But not only in a families even in an institutions or businesses communities nee to conduct a corporate family gathering. It works to speed-ups and strengthens the relationship between division and our family.

In this activity families can be more focused on the development of cohesiveness and unity among individuals who become members, know members of the families from other employees. This program will also provide activity that create more visible interaction between individuals. For the company, the interaction through activities available, the positive achievements of member (young-adult, wife, husband, children) could be a way to give reward of appreciation for employees and non employees.

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